Why Is My Penis Bent

Peyronies Disease

Curvature of the penis is surprisingly common, the proper name for the condition is Peyronies peyronies disease south africadisease and it affects somewhere approaching 40% of all men to varying degrees. For some the problem is so minor that they are unaware that they have it, for others, the distortion or curvature can be so extreme that they are unable to have or enjoy a normal sex life

Causes Of Peyronies Disease

The condition occurs when hardened scar tissue (called plaques) form on one side of the penis, these make the tissue surrounding them inflexible and unable to expand as the penis becomes erect. When an erection takes place, these plaques stay static, causing the penis to bend over towards the plaque as the unaffected skin tissues on the other side to the problem expand.

Doctors have not yet isolated one exact cause of why these plaques develop, it is thought that trauma or injury could cause it, and also it may be hereditary.

Most minor cases do not cause any side effects or problems, and many do in fact disappear on their own. Those suffering with severe cases of Peyronies disease have a pronounced curve and these could require medical and even surgical intervention.

Surgical Treatments

Surgical Options for treating Peyronies disease include the fitting of implants, along with the pinching or cutting of the skin tissue to try and stop the penis curving. These surgical procedures have had limited success and have actually resulted in a reduction of the penis length in many cases

Non Surgical Treatments

Doctors have had some success with vitamin, steroid and calcium therapy, but again the results are varied.

The only method of treatment that has had great success is by the use of a penis traction device, many doctors recommend these as they do seem to be the only sure way of correcting penile curvature.

Traction devices work by placing the penis under a gentle, yet constant pulling pressure, just as surgeons worldwide use traction to straighten or lengthen stunted or injured limbs. The constant pressure helps to break down and disperse the plaques, at the same time helping to generate the development of new skin tissue and blood vessels.

Treatment by a penis traction device offers the best way of reducing penile curvature, as an added benefit, the penis can actually grow in length at the same time, with increases of between 2” and 3” commonplace.size genetics system

Most Succesful Device

The device used by many doctors is the one supplied by Size Genetics, originally designed by a specialist surgeon over 16 years ago, the Size Genetics Device is classed as a type one medical device and is recommended across the world.

Size Genetics was actually the first device of its kind to be introduced, after 16 years, it still remains at the forefront of penis health and development

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