Why Are My Teeth Stained

Causes Of Stained Teeth

Our teeth can become stained for a variety of reasons, without any doubt the worst red wine stains teethculprits are drinking, and smoking, Red wine, coffee and tea along with tobacco are the most common causes of yellow or even darker tooth stains.

Can I Stop These Staining My Teeth

The obvious way to sop these staining your teeth is to stop drinking or smoking, but in truth, who wants to do that?? It’s easier said than done. A simple way to minimise drinks staining your teeth is to wherever possible use a straw, this will help protect the front teeth. With hot drinks, this isn’t possible so always try to rinse mouth with clean water after drinking.

Other Causes Of Teeth Staining

Some well known medicines, particularly antibiotics such as tetracycline and minocyline are well known to cause teeth staining, if taken regularly, they can leave a dark bluish grey stain that is very hard to remove.

stained teeth caused by antibioticsCertain antihistamines are also thought to cause staining, it is advised that if you do suffer from staining after taking these and other medications that you consult your doctor who may well be able to offer an alternative.

Getting older also has an adverse effect on our teeth and their appearance, the protective enamel tends to get thinner with age, and can often allow the yellow under layer (called Dentin) to show through.

Genetics do play their part, if your parents have yellow teeth, its quite probable that you will also.

Certain foodstuffs have bee recognised as other causes of stained teeth, dark foods such as soy sauce and even cranberries have been linked to stained teeth

The Golden Rule

If A Certain Foodstuff or Drink Will Stain Your Clothes, Its likely to Stain Your Teeth.

Our Advice

Its not always possible or preferable to avoid dark drinks and foodstuffs, but always try to rinse your mouth out as soon as possible after eating or drinking, this will minimise any potential staining.dental checkup

Maintain a good dental health regime, brush at last twice a day and floss daily. See a dental surgeon at least twice a year to make sure your teeth remain healthy.

How To Get Rid Of Staining

If regular brushing does not remove staining, then consider getting your teeth whitened, this involves the bleaching of the teeth, removing all the stains to leave your teeth naturally white again. This can be carried out in many dental surgeries, but the cost can prove prohibitive.

Many surgeries charge upwards of ZAR 3500.00 for a single course of teeth whitening treatment.

The high costs have lead to the development of effective home teeth whitening kits, a good kit will use the exact same methods and materials as your dentist, but at a fraction of the cost.

One home kit to consider, and its now available across South Africa is the one supplied by Smile4You. Originating from the USA over 16 years ago, it offers a safe and approved dental grade teeth whitening in the privacy of your own home for around US $ 36.04  (ZAR 303.00)

More About Smile4You Teeth Whitening

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