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Provailen – Natural Pain Relief Without Side Effects

 Provailen – The Proven Natural Relief For Arthritic And Other Joint Pain Is Now Available Across South Africa – Read On To Discover How Provailen Can Work For You

If you are amongst the thousands of sufferers of arthritic or other joint pain across South Africa, provailen south africayou will only be too aware that Doctors cannot offer too much in the way of treatment except for some pain relief, maybe some steroid treatments and some kind words.

Regular use of prescription pain killers and/or steroids can have detrimental effects on your health and have been linked to a wide range of side effects that can include

  1. Dependency
  2. Kidney Damage
  3. High Blood Pressure
  4. Ulcers
  5. Heart Problems

Any joint pain, especially arthritic pain is a long term problem, as the pain progresses and often worsens, we take more and more pills to try and control the pain and this begins a spiral that can lead to dependency, other health issues and regretfully in some cases – death.

This is the main point of frustration for those suffering with arthritic pain, all they want to do is to try and live their lives pain free with a reasonable degree of movement

Provailen Could be The Answer

reishi provailenProvailen is the end result of years of research carried out in Texas USA, the research carried out by scientists there centred on the effects of certain natural compounds had on inflamed joints and their resulting pain reducing effects.

Provailen Official Website

One natural compound came to light – a mushroom type fungus called Reishi showed that it had anti inflammatory properties that where more powerful than regular hydrocortisoid steroid treatments, an added bonus was that as  it was a natural compound it didn’t cause any side effects or dependency issues.

Reishi has high levels of something called polysaccharide beta-1,3-D-Glucans, these help to raise our bodies levels of  macrophages T Cells.

What are Macrophages T Cells

These are natural cells that target and remove dead cells, viruses and harmful bacteria; they help to reduce the inflammation and the pain caused by arthritic joints.

Could A Fungus Really Help Treat Arthritic Pain

Yes Without A Doubt – Remember the worlds most effective antibiotic penicillin is also derived from a fungus.

Find out How Provailen Works

provailen south africa

The ingredients in Provailen have formed the basis of traditional medicine for thousands of years, the makers have take the anti inflammatory benefits of Reishi and have added it to two other powerful natural compounds to make it what they are calling the worlds most powerful natural pain relief supplement available anywhere today.

These all work together to help eliminate the pain and symptoms of arthritis and other joint pain.

  • TongKat Ali – Common to many health products, helps to reduce joint wear and tear, helps to support and protect joint function.
  • Capsaicain Extract – Increases Blood flow to the joints, reducing swelling and relieving pain

Is Provailen Really Safe

The provailen formula is different from anything else available either from stores or your doctor, the natural formula is free from side effects and will not cause any dependency issues. Proven over thousands of years of traditional medicine, the ingredients in provailen will help you live your life pain free.buy provailen south africa

Where To Buy Provailen in South Africa

Provailen is not yet available in stores, it can only be bought direct from the manufacturers official website, it is shipped across South Africa by DHL or SAPO.

A month’s supply costs US $49.95 (R 421.00). There are some attractive discounts and offers for those looking at longer term pain management.

Live Life Without Pain

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