What Causes Male Baldness

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Over 95% of all cases of baldness in South Africa are due to a condition to Male Pattern Baldness (aka Androgenetic Alopecia) the other 5% or so being caused by stress, medication and general health/lifestyle.

How Can I Tell If I Have Male Pattern Baldness

Male Pattern baldness is quite easy to diagnose, it follows a regular and quite predictable pattern. Initially the hairline begins to recede, mainly at the temples and the brow. It also starts to thin at the crown area leaving the sides and back with good strong hair growth.

Causes Of Male Pattern Baldness

The man cause of male pattern baldness are hormones called Androgens that affect the hair follicles, this is often genetic and occurs when the regular male hormone Testosterone is converted into a compound called DHT (Dihydrosterone) by an anzyme called 5-alpha reductase. The DHT attacks the follicles, slowing down and eventually stopping hair production.

Experts are still to this day puzzled as to why hairloss is limited to the top and sides.

stages of hair loss

Is Male Baldness Hereditary

If Baldness is common in your male members of your family, there is a good chance that you will follow suit, other factors do however play their part including age, general health and testosterone levels

Can I Treat Male Pattern Baldness

The answer to this is a resounding yes!! Although many men accept and embrace the fact that they are losing their hair, many others refuse to do so, there are some highly effective ways in which to control hair-loss and encourage healthy re-growth.

The first thing that most men think of is hair transplants, these can be highly effective, but can and will cost thousands.

Improving the blood-flow to the scalp and reducing levels of harmful DHT can help in most cases. There are a number of highly effective, non invasive treatments that are proven to promote healthy profollica south africare-growth in areas that have previously lost hair.

One such treatment is Profollica, originating from the USA and now available throughout South Africa directly from the manufacturers, it is a multi part natural treatment that is a proven way of reversing hair-loss and promoting strong healthy re-growth without the expense and discomfort of invasive surgical hair transplanting.

More About Profollica

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