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Fast Teeth Whitening At Home

 How To Whiten Your Teeth By Up To 11 Shades Of White In Just 14 Days

 If you drink Red wine, coffee or tea, or maybe you smoke, you will probably be aware of just how man with white teeththese things can stain your teeth, leaving them dull, and yellow.

Having your teeth whitened will remove all these stains, to do this many people go to their dentist to have the work done, but this can have a high cost, many surgeries charge upwards of US $ 350.00 ( R 2900.00) for a course of treatment. This can prove too greater expense for many.

Why Not Whiten Your Teeth At Home

The development of home teeth whitening kits has proved to be a saviour for millions of people worldwide, a good kit will use exactly the same ingredients and methods as used by a professional dentist, and will provide the same results. The big difference is the price – a good kit will cost around US $50 (R 421.00)- substantially cheaper than professional treatments

Recommended Home Teeth Whitening Kit

smile4you south africaThe kit supplied by Smile4you is one to be considered. Developed in the USA by one of their most reputable dental surgeons over 16 years ago, the Smile4you kit uses everything that you would find in your dental surgery to whiten your teeth by up to 11 shades of white in as little 14days.

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Whats In The Kit

The key to any good teeth whitening kit is the whitening gel, many dentists use a bleach based gel called Carbamide Peroxide, this is exactly what you will find in the Smile4You kit. Gel strength is important – too strong and it has been known to cause unpleasant teeth sensitivity and in extreme cases burns to the mouth, lips and gums. Too weak and the whole process will be ineffective.

The FDA in America are responsible for approving all health products. They have set a recommended Carbamide Peroxide gel strength of 16% as the optimum for both effective results and safety. Kits with higher strength gels are not recommended.

Smile4you uses an FDA approved gel strength set at 16% concentration

The Smile4you Starter kit includes:

  • 120mls of  FDA approved gel sufficient for 240 treatments
  • Pair of customisable teeth trays
  • Application syringe
  • Full Detailed Instructions

Optional Extras are available that will both speed and enhance the whitening process, these include

  1. Aftercare Gels – strengthens and protects the enamel
  2. Blue Light Assembly – As used by dentists to speed the whitening processsmile4you south africa
  3. Tooth Gloss – Proven Whiteness Booster

How Much Is The Smile4you Kit

The starter kit costs just US $36.04 ( R 303.00)there are other packages available that include the optional extras at reduced prices.

Our Recommendation for Best Buy would be the Express Whitening And After Care Kit

Buyers receive The starter kit plus the blue light assembly and two syringes of aftercare gels. This kit costs $47.02 ( R 396.00)

Orders are sent out worldwide from the official website.

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