Penis Enlargement

Why Make Your Penis Longer

Ever since time began, a man’s masculinity and even his standing in his community looking at penis sizehas been linked to his penis size. Many ancient leaders have all been depicted with large penises.

In modern day, a mans penis size can determine how he is perceived by others, be it in the locker room, or in the bedroom, if you are well endowed, you want people to notice, it gives you confidence and even a certain amount of arrogance – essential for success in both business and in personal relationships.

In The bedroom, most women would say that size doesn’t matter, but in truth it does!! Having a small penis is a handicap in many ways.

How Can I Enlarge My Penis

There are many ways of lengthening your penis, some more effective than others – Here are a few methods that have been used over the years

Penis Weights

Literally weights used to be attached to the end of the penis to try and stretch it, sounds barabaric and to be honest, it was, results were not that effective and more often than not the penis sustained tissue damage.

Penis Exercises

An ancient tradition dating back to old Arabic tribes who used a form of exercise (called Jelqing) to prepare young males for sexual relationships, by pulling and stretching the penis in a precise way, the penis was encouraged to grow gradually.

Penis exercises are still used today, the exercises have evolved and are actually quite effective with a permanent increase in size of around 2” possible.

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Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum pumps offer temporary enlargement, placed over the penis, the pump is operated to remove the air from within, this places the penis under a vacuum that encourages an increased amount of blood to flow into the penis. This results in larger erections and a visibly larger penis. This form of treatment is only short lived and the penis reverts to normal size once the erection has diminished.

Vacuum pumps have been known to cause tissue damage if used incorrectly so choose the best one you can, and use with care.

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Penis Pills

Despite claims by many manufacturers, pills alone cannot permanently enlarge a penis, they can and do help improve erection power, and longevity, making the penis larger while erect, but as for permanent enlargement – forget it. Pills are better used to help improve sexual performance. Look for pills that use natural ingredients including L-Arginine, Epimedium and Tongkat Ali as these are all proven to work.

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Penis Traction Devices

The only sure fire way of making a penis longer, these devices use the recognised method of gentle traction which is used by doctors worldwide to stretch or straighten stunted or injured limbs. We have all seen photographs of tribal members with stretched necks, lips and ear lobes; this is all done using traction.

A good traction device should be approved by the medical community, make sure that if you invest in one, that you buy the best you can afford, there are many low quality devices available that are poorly made, and can cause discomfort when wearing.

Probably the best device available is the one made by Size Genetics, a fully approved type one medical device, that is guaranteed to make your penis larger or your money back. If used correctly, you should gain between 2 and 3” in length along with an increase in girth (thickness).

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