Gynexin Review South Africa

Gynexin Gynaecomastia Treatment

 How To Get Rid Of Your Man Boobs Without Surgery

 Man Boobs can effect any man at any age, they are caused by hormonal irregularities rather than gynaecomastiabeing overweight

A shocking fact is that some 30% of all South Africa Males suffer from man boobs (gynaecomastia) to varying degrees.

Until a few years ago, there was not many alternatives to invasive (and expensive) surgery, this comes at a high cost with procedures starting at around USD $5000 ( R 41700.00)

Non Surgical Treatment For Man Boobs

Aside from the cost, any surgery places the patient at risk of complications, scarring, pain and lengthy recovery times. We also need to consider the fact that as Gynaecomastia is usually caused by hormonal imbalances, unless the hormone problem is corrected, there is nothing to stop the man boobs reappearing in time, so the only real way to cure is to re-balance the hormone levels.

Gynexin – Proven Treatment For Gynaecomastia

Pharmaceutical cogynexin south africampany Zudker have researched the problem over many years and have developed Gynexin- the Worlds best selling natural cure for man boobs.

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How Does Gynexin Work

Gynexin is a purely herbal supplement that works alongside the bodies natural processes to re-balance any hormone irregularities, and help reduce the excess tissue in the breast area that develops to form the man boobs.

As the hormone levels re-adjust, the excess adipose tissue in the breast area will gradually disperse. Over a period of two to three weeks, users will notice a definite firming of the chest area, in the next two weeks or so the man boobs will be noticeably reduced. Just how long the treatment actually takes will vary according to the individual and the severity of the problem

How Much Does Gynexin Cost And Where To Buy In South Africabefore and after gynexin south africa

Gynexin is available all across South Africa by ordering from the manufacturer’s official website, cost wise, it starts at US $ 69.95 (Which works out at R 583.00) for a months supply.

This is perfect to experience just what a difference that Gynexin can make, however the manufacturers recommend you use for at least two months for most users to see a major reduction in the problem.

Orders are shipped across the country quickly and discreetly.

Say Goodbye To Your Man Boobs

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