Erection Boosting Foods

Foodstuffs That Help Improve Erections

Recent research has been carried on various foodstuffs that could naturally help improve our sex drive and boost flagging erections.

One recent study looked at Pistachio Nutspistachio nuts erection food

A group of test subjects were given a cup full (approx 100gms) of pistachio nuts to eat at lunchtime at lunchtime every day for 3 weeks.

The men were monitored before during and after the test period, after the three weeks the results were highly conclusive with virtually every single test subject reporting back that they had experienced an increase in sexual function of at least 50% when comparing results before the test started.

The men (aged between 18 and 65) all reported an improved satisfaction during intercourse and ejaculation.

The scientists running the trial monitored the blood flow to the subjects penises and an increase of around 22% was discovered when compared to pre-test results.

Conclusive Proof

These results demonstrate that Pistachios have something that helps boost blood flow to the penis – Essential For Strong Erections

This compound is called L-Arginine, an amino acid that is known to help boost the natural levels of nitric oxide in our body. This Nitric Oxide helps to dilate the blood vessels, allowing a greater amount of blood to flow into the blood vessels, resulting in stronger, often longer lasting erections.

Now eating Pistachio nuts every day is one way to boost erection power, but its not always possible and what if you have a nut allergy?? Is there anything else that has L-Arginine in it?

Other Sources Of L-Arginine

vigrx plusL-Arginine is an active ingredient in one of the best selling natural supplements available today – VigRx Plus contains a powerful dose of this erection enhancing ingredient coupled with several other natural libido boosters.

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Erections On Demand

L-Arginine is also found in Instant Performer – a topically applied gel that when gently rubbed into instant performer south africathe users penis will bring on a long lasting, hard erection (usually within a minute or less) that lasts for around 2 hours.

Instant Performer is perfect for those moments when your mind says yes but your body lets you down… Keep a tube in your bedside drawer just in case!!!

Providing Viagra type benefits without the side effects, Instant Performer is perfect for those who either don’t like, or prefer not to take a daily pill.

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