Causes Of Haemorrhoids

What Has Caused My Haemorrhoids

In South Africa alone it is thought that around 1 million people (men and women) man with haemorrhoidssuffer from the pain and indignity of Haemorrhoids (also known as piles)

What Are Haemorrhoids

Haemorrhoids are an inflammation of the soft tissue and veins both in and around the entrance to the rectum, they can appear both externally (where they can be seen as lumps or swellings near the anus) and internally.

Symptoms Of Haemorrhoids

The most common sign of Haemorrhoids are itching or burning sensations couped with bleeding when going to the toilet. Although Haemorrhoids do not pose a real health risk, they are both uncomfortable and embarrassing for the sufferer.

Why Do Haemorrhoids Occur

Lifestyle and diet are two main causes. Diet is the main cause, with a lack of fibre playing a large part. If the diet is low in fibre, the sufferer can develop constipation, this in turn makes passing waste more difficult which can strain and damage the entrance in and around the anus. This can be rectified by ensuring that your diet contains good levels of fibre and also by drinking plenty of water..

Those who spend a great deal of time sitting down as well as those who work in hi labour intensive industries are most at risk. Sitting static for long periods reduces blood flow to the area, and constant heavy lifting can cause strain, both classic causes of developing haemorrhoids.

Pregnant women are particularly at risk of developing haemorrhoids

How To Treat Haemorrhoids

Treatments are available in many forms, most will however only give temporary relief, with the problem often returning the effects of these treatments will vary from person to person and will depend on the severity of the problem.

Most Doctors will offer creams, lotions, wipes and occasionally suppositories that will help reduce the swelling and discomfort.

Are There More Permanent Cures For Haemorrhoids

There has been detailed research into this problem, at the moment all doctors can do is offer limited relief.

There a few private companies that have invested heavily in research into treating Haemorrhoids, all looking for a more permanent cure.hemocyl south africa

Healthcare specialists Advanced Health have led the way and have released a unique once a day supplement that will not just reduce the symptoms of Haemorrhoids, but will also stop future outbreaks of the problem for at least 6 months.

Their product is called Hemocyl, it is 100% organic natural formulation which means that it is safe to use with no side effects, and requires no prescription. This means no embarrassing trips to your doctor.

Hemocyl is proven to work where regular treatments fail.

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